Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally decided to get this project bag off the sideboard. From a Deb Menz Blending class at SOAR in Bend. Yess the batts look very flat as would you rolled in paper towels for 2 years. Picked a base color, in this case a muted pumpkin, and added others. I feel sure there was a story about hues, tones, complements, etc. But 3 hours and 20 people you are basically just grabbing. I only blended once thinking it would do more in the spinning. Correct.

There are 3 oz, 180 yards total, 3ply. Probably Corriedale. This was my first carding experience. The yellow and green are ok, the others EWWW. The base color was probably a mistake. Possibly this would be ok used as stripes with a blue for a baby sweater. I know there is 8 oz of an Ashland medium blue here. Somewhere.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Do you need me to come over and help you find the blue?? I'd love to!
I really love the colors...I remember you showed me the unfinished product and I am surprised at the richness of color. Lovely! Did Tiger help?

Jennifer S said...

Destash them! I'm always looking for handspun destash efforts, since I don't spin myself. I think all the colors are very pretty, personally.