Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally decided to get this project bag off the sideboard. From a Deb Menz Blending class at SOAR in Bend. Yess the batts look very flat as would you rolled in paper towels for 2 years. Picked a base color, in this case a muted pumpkin, and added others. I feel sure there was a story about hues, tones, complements, etc. But 3 hours and 20 people you are basically just grabbing. I only blended once thinking it would do more in the spinning. Correct.

There are 3 oz, 180 yards total, 3ply. Probably Corriedale. This was my first carding experience. The yellow and green are ok, the others EWWW. The base color was probably a mistake. Possibly this would be ok used as stripes with a blue for a baby sweater. I know there is 8 oz of an Ashland medium blue here. Somewhere.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warhill: 140 yds, 2 oz/ 60g. 3 ply. Just a little off-white. Managed to get rid of 95% of the grass bits, learned about dirty fleece. On a scale of 1 - 10 of elasticity this is about a 5. Feels and spins like merino, could be worn next to the skin. Could be sock yarn but wouldn't last well.

E.F.: 110 yds, 80g, 3 ply, Aran weight. The second cuts I got tired of pulling out felted into little balls that contributed to the lofty bounce of this yarn. The only yarn I've spun that was more elastic was a CVM that was really beset with noils. This is my best effort in making a Sarah Swett yarn. A real pain in the neck to clean and spin, partially due to it's being black. The bronze tips merged right in. Gorgeous yarn, very wearable, probably won't pill. Trying not to go back and buy the rest.

East Friesian and Warhill

The 1st picture shows the lovely fine crimp of the Warhill, somehow visible in the unbelievable filth of this sample. Washed 1 handful at a time, the water resembled mud after 2 batches. Sometimes had to change after 1. And it had a ton of grass. 120 g ended up 60g. Felt real sorry for the sheep carrying around 100% of fleece weight in dirt. And yes, I bought these baggies sight unseen.

The East Friesian was just a black blob, unsuited to photography. Less dirty but full of 2nd cuts. 120 g down to 80g. Picture shows unwashed and washed , there were bronze tips. Staple about 2 inches on each.