Monday, July 25, 2011

We're embarking on week 2 of major heat. However, 100 degrees means little to a young dog. Today we walked 3 miles including 2 big hills. And we've been out twice to play "Throw the Kohlrabi". Pre-shredded some recycle boxes. Last week he found some over grown cucumbers and carried them up and down the hill. I've turned into a dog mommy, pockets full of treats and bags.

On the fiber front: this month's KAL sock is almost done, amazing since it's the L on 0's, 100 stitches. Possible but unlikely there will be some spinning. Certainly haven't stopped the influx of fiber.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Less mutt-like picture. He's gained about 2 lbs per week. Finding himself at home. Moose took him to Delaware today to visit his favorite bakery. Things are a little better with 2 of the cats. There has been no spinning or fleece washing. New dog settling in is pretty time consuming.