Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool

The weather this year was perfect although the people wearing sweaters looked hot.

We got there at 0830 and the field was half full of cars. The actual venues didn't seem as crowded as in the past. Shorter lines at the potties, handwashing stations by the Port-a-Pots. They added a new section of vendors and there was a LOT of stuff to see.

However, since last year I'd been thinking about the Ruppert Corriedale fleeces so that was 1st stop. Even though the thought of processing 6+ lbs and then all that white yarn... The washing is going to be a snap. Soak a few minutes in hot water and Dawn, quick rinse soak. Blinding white, all grease gone.

Other stuff bought: 8oz from Bullen's Wullens, soap and 2 skeins lace yarn from Creatively Dyed.

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