Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Took A Worried Dog

On the way home, slightly past Pittsburgh. After the beer bottles fell on him. He really had a nice space in the back, room to lie down, stand up, turn around. But at this point he didn't think he was ever going to see home again. Me neither. 17 hours. Cause we were so tired we stopped at almost every rest area to walk around.
What did I buy? Bunch of alpaca, gray doesn't show up well in pictures. 2 Polwarth bags from Rovings, 12 oz merino/silk from Abstract Fibers and a small drum carder. And an 8oz bag of light brown Shetland as a door prize.

Not much to show for 3 days of Lace Class. The fat skein was the last thing we did, after 2 1/2 days of tiny. Margaret said make it as fat as you can. Mine was by far the fattest, 3 ply aran. She picked it out as her favorite skein of the class! She said it was very difficult to make merino do that.
All our fiber was unwashed (not dirty) fleece from New Zealand. 3 Different grades of Merino. We washed it by locks, fluffed and spun.

Lakelawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin. Lovely place, nice rooms, nice public areas and the food was better than last year. Many people complained but at least we had fresh fruit and nice salad. Strange thing about the lake: many tiny boats with 1 or 2 fishermen. And they were standing up. Windy, choppy. Safe? Didn't see anyone fall in.

SOAR 2010

Coming into Chicago about 12 hours after leaving Baltimore. The most traffic seen all trip, the only civilization except for rest areas. Going through Pennsylvania was long but there was the excitement of starting the trip. Ohio was dark, flat, deserted and endless. All the rest areas were clean and safe though. No trucks on the road at all. Felt like we were in a sci-fi movie. Very different from driving up the east coast.