Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sheep & Wool

Doesn't look like a lot but pretty pricey. Mixed Jacob ball from Firefly Farm, 3 separate color balls of Jacob from Wind & Willow, amazingly soft. Orange Polwarth from Misty Mountain. Size 5 circ from Signature. Wasn't going to get a spindle but here is my big black cat and the little one. Oh well.

The Romney from Fulk's Farms. They said it was Romney even when I asked again. Doesn't feel like any I've had but that isn't a lot. Silky soft, no vm, you can occasionally see light brown tips in the batt but they aren't stuck together. Just a wavy tan presence. Long staple. Best prepared carded fiber I've ever seen. Spun up a little and waiting for it to dry. Acted a lot like Wensleydale. Have a pretty big bag of it and if I can't figure out a way to spin it by itself, could probably mix it with other stuff. Was $19/ pound. Couldn't pass that up.
Other than my "Romney", the nicest fiber I saw was several Corriedale fleeces from Ruppert. Amazing crimp, 4" staple, clean. saw other Corrie fleeces and thought "Why did you even bring these?" But I am not in the fiber prep mode.
It was so stinking hot. Just miserable, sweat in the eyes constant burning. But they did have a good handle on the potty situation. Really not enthused enough to stand in line for the popular stuff. Really irritated at the jerks who brought small children, pale exhausted laying in their hot strollers.

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