Friday, April 30, 2010

Back in March, I sent in applications for Sheep & Wool classes. Never heard back. The arrangement was that you would be notified if you got in and get your checks back eventually if not. So I figured no admit. But someone on Ravelry had inquired and found out she got in so I emailed and found that I had 2 classes. 3 days before. Poor system.

Anyhow Longdraw with Maggie Casey was very helpful and I did indeed achieve a better technique. Then Dyeing with Carol Bodin. I stuck to using only 5 colors: yellow, turquoise, magenta, purple and a mix of the yellow and turquoise making lime.

First up a skein of old cheap wool yarn that was given to me years ago. But it was cream colored. And a little BFL top. I tried to make the patterns similar to see how the eventual yarn will match up. These were steamed at my house about 6 hours after being wrapped. And a trip to Wallyworld for a pot. There was no fading, little melding and they both exhausted well. The top blended more and had glowing, peacock colors. The top was somewhat felted but can be pulled out. The yarn was a little reptilian but reskeined looks like Koigu.

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Ingrid in sweden said...

Luuuurves the colours!!!!