Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Took A Worried Dog

On the way home, slightly past Pittsburgh. After the beer bottles fell on him. He really had a nice space in the back, room to lie down, stand up, turn around. But at this point he didn't think he was ever going to see home again. Me neither. 17 hours. Cause we were so tired we stopped at almost every rest area to walk around.
What did I buy? Bunch of alpaca, gray doesn't show up well in pictures. 2 Polwarth bags from Rovings, 12 oz merino/silk from Abstract Fibers and a small drum carder. And an 8oz bag of light brown Shetland as a door prize.

Not much to show for 3 days of Lace Class. The fat skein was the last thing we did, after 2 1/2 days of tiny. Margaret said make it as fat as you can. Mine was by far the fattest, 3 ply aran. She picked it out as her favorite skein of the class! She said it was very difficult to make merino do that.
All our fiber was unwashed (not dirty) fleece from New Zealand. 3 Different grades of Merino. We washed it by locks, fluffed and spun.

Lakelawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin. Lovely place, nice rooms, nice public areas and the food was better than last year. Many people complained but at least we had fresh fruit and nice salad. Strange thing about the lake: many tiny boats with 1 or 2 fishermen. And they were standing up. Windy, choppy. Safe? Didn't see anyone fall in.

SOAR 2010

Coming into Chicago about 12 hours after leaving Baltimore. The most traffic seen all trip, the only civilization except for rest areas. Going through Pennsylvania was long but there was the excitement of starting the trip. Ohio was dark, flat, deserted and endless. All the rest areas were clean and safe though. No trucks on the road at all. Felt like we were in a sci-fi movie. Very different from driving up the east coast.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sheep & Wool

Doesn't look like a lot but pretty pricey. Mixed Jacob ball from Firefly Farm, 3 separate color balls of Jacob from Wind & Willow, amazingly soft. Orange Polwarth from Misty Mountain. Size 5 circ from Signature. Wasn't going to get a spindle but here is my big black cat and the little one. Oh well.

The Romney from Fulk's Farms. They said it was Romney even when I asked again. Doesn't feel like any I've had but that isn't a lot. Silky soft, no vm, you can occasionally see light brown tips in the batt but they aren't stuck together. Just a wavy tan presence. Long staple. Best prepared carded fiber I've ever seen. Spun up a little and waiting for it to dry. Acted a lot like Wensleydale. Have a pretty big bag of it and if I can't figure out a way to spin it by itself, could probably mix it with other stuff. Was $19/ pound. Couldn't pass that up.
Other than my "Romney", the nicest fiber I saw was several Corriedale fleeces from Ruppert. Amazing crimp, 4" staple, clean. saw other Corrie fleeces and thought "Why did you even bring these?" But I am not in the fiber prep mode.
It was so stinking hot. Just miserable, sweat in the eyes constant burning. But they did have a good handle on the potty situation. Really not enthused enough to stand in line for the popular stuff. Really irritated at the jerks who brought small children, pale exhausted laying in their hot strollers.
A slightly better picture of the suffolk roving. 2 oz, 142 yards, 3 ply. This yarn is a little rougher than the 2 rainbow skeins dyed in the already spun yarn. The roving became quite fuzzy after dyeing. This blend was sold as sock material but it is too rough and very hard to spin fine. It would make a good sweater or mittens.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Reskeined yarn. The little dark one started out gray. The light blue is also shown pre- steaming. The roving is 2 oz of suffolk I forgot to take a pre- picture of. It got very fuzzy but didn't felt. Suffolk is reputed to have some superwash characteristics. This one was drip painted and went from dark to llight. However, as it sat all night, the dye spread and it became mostly blue. The teacher said you can leave the saran packs several days before steaming but obviously not if you want it to look as crisp as what you painted.

It has all of a sudden gotten very hot. The S&W tomorrow may be miserable. Hard to buy wool when it's 90.

2 skeins of 3plied Suffolk with 20%nylon. 6 oz sport weight. The first was random painted, the 2nd and 3rd pictures are the front and back of the same skein. Painted stripes lengthwise. These 2 sat all night before being steamed and the dyes blended more. There were no white spots left. This is a medium feeling fiber but it roughened a little with dyeing.

Not pictured cause it's pretty boring is a small skein that started out as gray 3 ply: a small sample baggie of maybe CVM. It was soft and elastic, smooth. Took the dye quite darkly. Turquoise, lime and purple = mostly navy. . The weird thing about this was: it got fuzzy, almost like fleece jacket fabric. Still a light fingering weight but looks spongy and feels rougher than it did.

Back in March, I sent in applications for Sheep & Wool classes. Never heard back. The arrangement was that you would be notified if you got in and get your checks back eventually if not. So I figured no admit. But someone on Ravelry had inquired and found out she got in so I emailed and found that I had 2 classes. 3 days before. Poor system.

Anyhow Longdraw with Maggie Casey was very helpful and I did indeed achieve a better technique. Then Dyeing with Carol Bodin. I stuck to using only 5 colors: yellow, turquoise, magenta, purple and a mix of the yellow and turquoise making lime.

First up a skein of old cheap wool yarn that was given to me years ago. But it was cream colored. And a little BFL top. I tried to make the patterns similar to see how the eventual yarn will match up. These were steamed at my house about 6 hours after being wrapped. And a trip to Wallyworld for a pot. There was no fading, little melding and they both exhausted well. The top blended more and had glowing, peacock colors. The top was somewhat felted but can be pulled out. The yarn was a little reptilian but reskeined looks like Koigu.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

February Yarn

310 yards, about 4 oz, 3 ply. ASU SAL for Jan/Feb. This is fingering weight despite the low yardage. VERY DENSE. I could tolerate socks with it but many wouldn't. Most of the SAL'ers made singles for shawls. I had previously made scarf weight Wensleydale and it was way too hairy for around the neck. A sweater from this would be heavy but almost waterproof. The skein has nap, stroke it one way :soft, the other way : prickles.

320 yards merino/silk , 3 1/4 oz, from Sarastexturecrafts. The roving was all sorts of marbled but the yarn is pretty much orange. Guess all the bits of color added to the final result. Very easy fiber to spin, still have some green. The description said she blends them herself, not Ashland. Anyhow, the yarn is lovely.
Spun in February.

This was a 3 month fiber club from Katrinasworld of wool. Received all at once. Have only spun this Jacob which was a mystery roll. 250 yards of 3 ply, 3 3/8 oz. It is soft enough for men's boot socks or would be good for an outside sweater. This skein is destined for mittens. Spun in February.

"Haunting" the October Fiber Club for Beemiceelf. 450 yards n-ply superwash BFL. There is an almost finished pair of socks.

Enchanted Knoll "Neptune's Lair" and "Vila". 1300 yards , 10 oz, 2 ply. The picture with the bobbins is close in color, the yarn is mostly blue.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Actually finished this before SOAR. The dark is 3 ply from 3 different BFL pieces from FatCatKnits fiber club. The blue is 2 ply shetland from Chromafiber. I added several rows and it is still a medium size.

8 oz SWM from Crown Mountain bought at SOAR. Yellow Submarine. Spun 4 oz, 425 yards, 3 ply. Given to Alison who likes yellow. It is not often that I achieve commercial sock weight. Took these pictures before the cold wind took hold of our area. This has been the longest coldest spell I remember here.