Saturday, November 14, 2009

Survived another Friday the 13th at work, better than the usual, actually. It has been dark and rainy here since last Tuesday but the light was ok for a few pictures today.

My most impressive class at SOAR was 3 hours with Sarah Swett. She didn't spin but brought 3 types of washed fleece we were supposed to card/comb/otherwise prep and spin for soft yarn. She had a display set up of many of her sweaters and they were amazing. All wool prepped and spun by her. The fabric was so elastic. They were wearing very well. This labor intensive method helped along by only needing enough yarn for a Size 2. My friend says the main idea was to spin loose singles and overply. My sample from the class was pretty sad, mainly due to trying to ply in inadequate light in my room.
So ordered some Romney/Coopworth batt off etsy, katrinaswoolworld, very nice seller. It was well prepared cause frankly I don't have enough life left to spend on selecting, washing and carding. 3 ply woolen singles and slightly overplied. 6 3/8 oz, 500 yards. Sent the swatch through the washer. 7.5 st/in on 1's. A little fuzzy, somewhat elastic, but not there yet. The color is true. Oatmeal gray.

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