Thursday, November 5, 2009


It was a long trip out. First leg ok, 2nd leg a woman who OBVIOUSLY had the flu hacking and streaming across the aisle. And a screaming baby. Landed in Portland with rain. Found the car and went to Powell's, bought some books. Then we visited a food cart, The Frying Scotsman. He was parked in a garage space in a warehouse. Hard to find but the fish/chips were good. Dinner at a very nice Thai place. It was weird to see all the people walking around after dark. Not usual for Baltimore.

Next day went to the waterfront park where they have a craft market every Saturday. No fiber stuff except crocheted hats and a few other bulky accessories. Visited a nice yarn store: Twist. They had a large selection of sock and worsted and were mobbed with customers. Very friendly staff. All the shop and restaurant people we encountered in Oregon were pleasant , friendly and helpful. Stark contrast again to Baltimore. Picked up Farilyn at the airport and went to a German place for dinner. Packed. Good food. Sunday we had a terrible breakfast at the hotel. Fuzzy picture through a window of sunrise. First time the mountain was visible.

As we rode Mt Hood got bigger. Pretty exciting close up. Cold and breezy. Pretty vicious slopes on the way down, hairpin turns, luckily very little traffic.

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K said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your photos and descriptions make me homesick - we're from Portland before moving to the DC metro. Wish I could have done SOAR too!