Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not going to be able to do a catch-up on the months of hiatus. Tour De Fleece was interesting. I also spun way too much causing sore elbow and no spinning for a while. I came in first twice and second once in the daily tab. Feeling that there was plenty of stuff here, I told them not to give me a prize the 2nd time. They expunged me from the winner list. So the 3rd time I took the prize. Got Tuulia's sweater pattern and Gold Dust Woman. I didn't post my 4th yarn. It was nice seeing all the spinning pictures. This one is AllSpun Up swm. 6 oz, about 500 yards nply. Made a pair of baby socks cause I couldn't wait to see how it looked.

First Wool Sock Day

Holding out against the other inhabitants re: turning on the heat. Rainy, chilly, 40's at night. Our kind of weather.

Here is the first installment of yet another fiber club. Can't of course get into the really popular ones like Hello Yarn and Julie but I've tried most of the others. Bee Mice Elf, 4 oz, 50% Tussah/30%Merino/20% Seacell. Salmon 170 yards, blue 250 yards, 3 ply fingering. No elasticity, typical of silk. This would have to be an accent or scarf. Shiny and very easy to spin. I separated the colors cause I didn't want it to look like 4 July.