Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love those sampler packs. I was always buying them during the quilting era. The beading era. This one was Falkland, 6.8 oz, from FeltStudioUK. Really nice fiber. 3 of the skeins are 2 bits combined, the others on their own. 740 yards of 2 ply. As usual, no plans.

Monday, June 8, 2009

May/June AllSpunUp Fiber Club. 4 oz superwash merino, 360 yards of n-ply. In an effort to lessen the pain and tedium of n-plying, I split this into 2 parts. It helped. Another factoid: pre-wash: 410 yards. This lost 50 yards. I knew skeins shrank but the amount was shocking. Part of it may be due to my loose plying, giving the singles room to pouf. But the yarn is perfectly balanced. The colors were some of the most beautiful I've had, Like malachite. Sadly the orange bits didn't translate.

Although we live in a very populous area, we have a big back yard. This year we've seen a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers and a pair of nuthatches bring their children to the feeder. They've been here in the past but this is the first time to see babies.

There was a bumper crop of poppies. They must like all the rain. Also have robust sunflower growth. Fewer larkspur due to the landscaping done last fall. These 3 plants all reseed wherever and lead the ignorant to believe we put effort into the garden.

We've had several weeks of rain, illness, hospital visiting, surgery... Just didn't have the energy to post. But spinning did happen. I don't know how people get through bad periods without fiber activities.

These are from batts bought last fall from Redstone Yarn. Merino, silk and a little sparkle. The red one I did on the Golding spindle. 155 yards, 2 ply, 1 oz. The purple was done on a Kundert, 140 yards 2 ply, 1.5 oz. There is another red batt and 2 turquoise to go. The Golding was amazing.