Friday, May 8, 2009

First sun in 2 weeks. This stuff wasn't coming out well inside. 4 oz, 430 yards, 3 ply superwash merino. Bought from Cloverhill at the Sheep & Wool. The roving was not as yellow as it looks. The 2 yarn pics are pretty close. Singles on the JW, plied on Lendrum. Nicely squishy.
Got into SOAR, taking Judith's class, Spinning for Socks.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sheep & Wool 2009

Pretty much today's haul. Had most of what I wanted by 10:00, had to make a trip to the car and thought about leaving. However, had arranged to meet people so... Started out cool and rainy, lovely. I was glad not to have succumbed to panic and worn long sleeves. The crowd didn't bulk up until about noon and everything was still jammed at 1:30 when I left. Saw several people from SOAR and some from the local group.
One pound merino in tropical colors from Frabjous Fibers purchased at Susan's
4 oz merino from Cloverhill
2 pounds mixed wool batts in purples and burgundy from Spinner's Hill
Turkish spindle and mini agate from Spanish Peacock
Golding spindle so I won't be the only person WITHOUT one
Ribbon Fries with cheese - forgot to take a picture