Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Officially Obsessed

Another Grafton n-ply. 1 batt, 300 yards. This time using the little white bathroom as a light box produced almost perfect colors. It's a very rich colorway. April. I'm still 3 batts behind. No idea what to do with these except hoard. They're difficult but very compelling to me.
So hot here that even with A/C wool is distasteful. Should be making an effort to plant stuff but afraid the little plants are withering in pots. Hoping it cools off before the weekend as Sheep & Wool is miserable when hot. Poor animals.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Beautiful and ingenious idea to use the white bathroom! Cool weather should prevail for S & W...sob, sob, I can't be there. Have fun and pat the babies for me.

Lauren said...