Tuesday, March 17, 2009

230 yards, 4 oz 2ply BFL from AllSpunUp March fiber club. Minor miracle that I have kept up with these clubs so far. spun singles on the Journey Wheel. Larisa came over and helped set it up, would have taken me days. The draw-in was stronger than I'm used to so the singles were a little tightly spun. So I plied (on the Lendrum) a little tighter and got a more Koigu-like yarn. Took about 50 pictures over a week of gray weather and this is the best. The roving is accurate but the yarn has a greenish cast to it.
The JW is quite cute and a marvel of organization. I got to go to the local spinning group last week and it was good to have a portable.
Seeing buds on some bushes, the crocus are almost done, midget iris are out. The weeds are also out.

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