Friday, January 16, 2009

Very Weird Yarn Also Ugly

First skein made on the Moswolt. 3 ply, 100 yards, 2.75 oz. hat on size 8, 4 st = 1".

This is the weirdest yarn I've ever made or touched. Not saying there isn't a similar commercial one, just never seen it. Thought I was severely overspinning the singles but went ahead cause otherwise they drifted apart. Plied as usual. Washed as usual. Running it through my fingers, it's totally smooth, like extruded foam, but extremely soft. Can't feel any of the 3 plies if that makes sense. Even where it is thick and thin. It's not felted cause I can untwist it and the plies look like they were VERY low twist. My gut is that there will never be a pill on it. The only explanation I can think of is that the merino must have had enormous crimp. Previously sampled this fiber in 2 ply and made a small ugly swatch. That wasn't foamlike.

This also ranks in my 4 ugliest yarns. That's why I used this fiber to experiment with the new wheel. Then came up with a plan. Use them all for hats because when the skateboarder loses them I won't be so sad. Actually, the other 3 are so bad he probably won't wear them. I'm going to try to keep this one for myself this week cause we are chilly. But better than many further north. And the furnace is still working, the pipes haven't burst.

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