Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plying at Night

Always telling myself wait for daylight to ply. Inadequate light here. I have bought 2 floor lamps and both broke. But there are times I HAVE to see the yarn.

Skein 1 (daylight ply): 112 yards, 2 5/8 oz, Lendrum Wooleewinder

Skein 2 (night ply): 270 yds, 6 1/2 oz, Moswolt Hammer ply.

All singles on Lendrum, both bobbins packed to the hilt when plied. Falkland from Portfiber on etsy. Also tried something new for me, a thick/thin bulky. The Hammer only has 1 ratio: very low, so the plying took hours and I was surprised not to have a sore foot the next day. The yarn looked bubbly, like a thread ply. After washing it is the same as the Lendrum yarn. The last picture is the most color accurate.

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Anonymous said...

I love this color. Thanks for bringing it to show & tell....