Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moswolt Hammer

Here he is, direct from Holland. no known history but I'm going to guess 1960-1970's. Moose unpacked it and put it together while I was at yoga. He only had one piece on backwards and forgot the drive band.

Unless a miracle happens and I learn to draft way better, this will be used for plying. It has an uptake like a locomotive. Look at the size of the bobbin and flyer. You'd think it would tip but seems sturdy. But there isn't any fiber on it. I wanted one of these since seeing a picture a few years ago. Acquired for its' looks.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

WOW, I like your new friend! I bet that box and the wheel have attracted a lot of feline attention. Keep us updated on your progress at mastering him!

The yarn is the previous post is so so beautiful!

sahara said...

Goodness! I was on All Fiber Arts and heard about this wheel, so I googled and came here. Wow! It makes me think of a water wheel. Can you get bobbins made for it?

It looks great for plying!