Thursday, January 29, 2009

Merino/Silk, 70/30 from Allspunup. 4 oz, 570 yards, 2 ply. A little darker than the pictures. This took me 11 hours and there were times when I zoned out and started spinning thicker. Oh well. Do not see how these other people keep turning out 450 yards of 3 ply from 4 oz. The BOREDOM. Have done 3 ply with silk blends and prefer 2 ply. It was very easy to draft. When not catching on my rough hands. Lotion every 30 min. It's very beautiful, lustrous, the exact colors of traditional peacock feathers.

We had some snow and ice this week. Our neighbor, who has been nothing but rude and nasty since he moved in, was shovelling his walk. Imagine my surprise when I was going out, to see him chopping the ice with the shovel that had been on our porch an hour earlier. Stood and stared a minute, he ignored me. I wasn't going to confront him cause he is an arrogant bully. Went in and called Moose. This isn't an expensive tool, just a crummy garden spade but still. He has gotten up in my face (not the larger husband's) on 3 occasions cause the kid walked across the corner of his yard or stepped on the mulch he has all along our driveway. "Stay off my property" is his mantra. Still hasn't returned it. I hope he gets infected splinters and his hand falls off.

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