Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bella's Mittens

Didn't make these just because of being a lemming for the popular projects. They're for the girl who lent me the books. Tried to match the color to the movie still but I haven't seen the actual movie so this may be way off. This was a perfectly written pattern. I got perfect gauge with Encore Chunky and size 7 dpn's. Not totally thrilled with the feel of the yarn but it's probably more practical for kid mittens than pure wool. Also the LYS didn't have much in the way of chunky weight yarn. The only chunky handspun I had was tan or multicolor. It's too bad someone was too cheap to buy a whole pound of candy cause these won't fit in the FudgieWudgie box.
There are now 4 pair of socks here each missing 1 heel. Some spinning will be shown later. We've had a weird couple weeks going from 14 degrees to 60 and then doing it again. I've had bad sinus and a cold. Happy New Year to us all.

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