Thursday, January 29, 2009

Merino/Silk, 70/30 from Allspunup. 4 oz, 570 yards, 2 ply. A little darker than the pictures. This took me 11 hours and there were times when I zoned out and started spinning thicker. Oh well. Do not see how these other people keep turning out 450 yards of 3 ply from 4 oz. The BOREDOM. Have done 3 ply with silk blends and prefer 2 ply. It was very easy to draft. When not catching on my rough hands. Lotion every 30 min. It's very beautiful, lustrous, the exact colors of traditional peacock feathers.

We had some snow and ice this week. Our neighbor, who has been nothing but rude and nasty since he moved in, was shovelling his walk. Imagine my surprise when I was going out, to see him chopping the ice with the shovel that had been on our porch an hour earlier. Stood and stared a minute, he ignored me. I wasn't going to confront him cause he is an arrogant bully. Went in and called Moose. This isn't an expensive tool, just a crummy garden spade but still. He has gotten up in my face (not the larger husband's) on 3 occasions cause the kid walked across the corner of his yard or stepped on the mulch he has all along our driveway. "Stay off my property" is his mantra. Still hasn't returned it. I hope he gets infected splinters and his hand falls off.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plying at Night

Always telling myself wait for daylight to ply. Inadequate light here. I have bought 2 floor lamps and both broke. But there are times I HAVE to see the yarn.

Skein 1 (daylight ply): 112 yards, 2 5/8 oz, Lendrum Wooleewinder

Skein 2 (night ply): 270 yds, 6 1/2 oz, Moswolt Hammer ply.

All singles on Lendrum, both bobbins packed to the hilt when plied. Falkland from Portfiber on etsy. Also tried something new for me, a thick/thin bulky. The Hammer only has 1 ratio: very low, so the plying took hours and I was surprised not to have a sore foot the next day. The yarn looked bubbly, like a thread ply. After washing it is the same as the Lendrum yarn. The last picture is the most color accurate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reluctant Model

This is the yarn from the Jan 7 post. You know I can't link. It had told me it wanted to be garter stitch. Shocked to see all the striping as the yarn was so dark. A slightly crisp fabric that will hold it's shape. I could have gotten 1 more repeat but reached the quit or leave it in the bag point. 8" X 72", size 5 needles, about 420 yards.
Taking pictures, posting them to Flickr, the Rav project page and the blog - the day is gone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

SW Merino from FatCatKnits. 300 yards of 3 ply, 4 oz. Addi 1's, my usual plain pattern. The color in the yarn picture is accurate.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Very Weird Yarn Also Ugly

First skein made on the Moswolt. 3 ply, 100 yards, 2.75 oz. hat on size 8, 4 st = 1".

This is the weirdest yarn I've ever made or touched. Not saying there isn't a similar commercial one, just never seen it. Thought I was severely overspinning the singles but went ahead cause otherwise they drifted apart. Plied as usual. Washed as usual. Running it through my fingers, it's totally smooth, like extruded foam, but extremely soft. Can't feel any of the 3 plies if that makes sense. Even where it is thick and thin. It's not felted cause I can untwist it and the plies look like they were VERY low twist. My gut is that there will never be a pill on it. The only explanation I can think of is that the merino must have had enormous crimp. Previously sampled this fiber in 2 ply and made a small ugly swatch. That wasn't foamlike.

This also ranks in my 4 ugliest yarns. That's why I used this fiber to experiment with the new wheel. Then came up with a plan. Use them all for hats because when the skateboarder loses them I won't be so sad. Actually, the other 3 are so bad he probably won't wear them. I'm going to try to keep this one for myself this week cause we are chilly. But better than many further north. And the furnace is still working, the pipes haven't burst.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moswolt Hammer

Here he is, direct from Holland. no known history but I'm going to guess 1960-1970's. Moose unpacked it and put it together while I was at yoga. He only had one piece on backwards and forgot the drive band.

Unless a miracle happens and I learn to draft way better, this will be used for plying. It has an uptake like a locomotive. Look at the size of the bobbin and flyer. You'd think it would tip but seems sturdy. But there isn't any fiber on it. I wanted one of these since seeing a picture a few years ago. Acquired for its' looks.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alpaca/Merino, 30/70, the AllspunUp Jan Spinalong fiber. 450 yards 2 ply. The real thing is even darker. Today is rainy and dark but even outside the yarn lightened up. There were tiny prickles during spinning and a few shed fibers made it up to eye level - watery. The yarn is very soft and shouldn't be a problem after washing.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Something Totally Unnecessary This Way Comes

Look, he's trying to claw his way out of the box. Awaiting assistance to unpack. Not to mention lack of floor space for new arrivals. Why can the camera take perfectly good pictures of boxes in the front hall when it does so poorly with yarn?

This being the mittens on the recipient. Unprompted . Her mother said she immediately posed. This is also a big step for me as this picture was in my email and is now here. Not lined up, but here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bella's Mittens

Didn't make these just because of being a lemming for the popular projects. They're for the girl who lent me the books. Tried to match the color to the movie still but I haven't seen the actual movie so this may be way off. This was a perfectly written pattern. I got perfect gauge with Encore Chunky and size 7 dpn's. Not totally thrilled with the feel of the yarn but it's probably more practical for kid mittens than pure wool. Also the LYS didn't have much in the way of chunky weight yarn. The only chunky handspun I had was tan or multicolor. It's too bad someone was too cheap to buy a whole pound of candy cause these won't fit in the FudgieWudgie box.
There are now 4 pair of socks here each missing 1 heel. Some spinning will be shown later. We've had a weird couple weeks going from 14 degrees to 60 and then doing it again. I've had bad sinus and a cold. Happy New Year to us all.