Wednesday, December 17, 2008

13 oz, 925yards, Corriedale. Autumn from Crown Mountain from my Teyani stash and Ripe Fruit from Pigeonroof. 3ply. 2 days after finishing another (old) CMF orangey bump surfaced. Maybe it is time to start organizing the fiber by color at least. Could have combined all these and the Oct 30 stuff and gotten significant yardage. But it's probably for the best as I would have lost interest long before finishing 2 pounds.
Cannot really think of this as stash reduction since it's only switching categories. The yarn nags at me more than the fiber. "Knit me."

A terrifically bland brown hat. Started a couple years ago and finally finished to liberate the needle. Spindled 2ply bulky from many moons ago probably Ashland Bay. Ran it through the washer and dryer, quite soft, didn't felt and should fit the resident skateboarder perfectly.
Speaking of which: I'm reading the Twilight books. Halfway through the 3rd one. Find Bella extremely annoying. I know it is the motivator of the story that she acts carelessly. But she is portrayed as being smart and she certainly thinks well of herself. Having an 18 yr old in the house who thinks long after acting, if at all, I can relate to this. Maybe it's so annoying because it's so close. Edward is very one dimensional. Jacob is my favorite - also a dumb teenager but at least he's honest about it.
13 oz, 650 yards, 3 ply. 2 braids of BFL from Yummy Yarns and 1 braid of Merino from FlawfulFibers. The roving picture is a little better than the yarn. More grapey. From about 3 weeks ago.

Continuing a trend of combining the 4oz etsy pieces. Unfortunately there are now 3 big bags of grapey yarn that aren't big enough to make a sweater but are just different enough... that if you tried to combine them to make a sweater it would give people headaches.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Annemor #5

This pair came out of the same 4 oz of 3 ply as the mittens in the previous post. About 25 yards left over. From the Selbuvotter book. As usual, I added a few rows to the length, got rid of the pointy tip and added 4 st to the 2nd mitten. Contrast yarn was old baby yarn doubled, I think Scholler. It was 75% wool, 25% nylon with little color slubs. Addi 1's, fits a woman's small hand. Washed these became very soft and squishy. The story in the book says these ravens are named Memory and Thought.