Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On Sunday, went to knitting group at LYS, Cloverhill. They had a wonderful display of rovings from FatCatKnits. Someone might have bought 4. Wasn't going to spin till Monday (weekend rest for the hands) but somehow had done 3 oz by bedtime. Finished up on Monday and it took 3 days to dry. When it was plied I thought it looked just like turquoise with matrix. Then found the tag and it's name was "Taos". Although the roving was dissimilar, this yarn is very similar to that of my Swallowtail.

Falkland, 4 oz, 2ply, 280 yards. Shown hanging on our only leaf changer, a deciduous azalea. There was more of this color but since I already have a shawl, will probably not get it. This might be socks. Very lofty so it would knit down to gauge ok. The colors are good for a change.


Susan T-O said...

Beautiful!! And who says you can't have more than one shawl??

Cape Cod Kitty said...

How appropriate that it is named "Taos". Really beautiful and I heartily agree that more than one shawl is allowed!!

Susan T-O said...

Hadn't realized you already had a shawl in that colorway. But if you changed the pattern. . . sorry, I love shawls and I love those colors so I guess I'm kinda stuck on that theme :-)