Monday, October 13, 2008

The trip to SOAR was uneventful 3 1/2 hours. Very little traffic, few trucks. This is the view from my room; I did replace the screen. The only visible manmade structure was a beige rectangle with a big beige tower off to the left. Very lit up at night. Either a nuclear power plant or a Kmart. The last night there were 3 multicolored lit objects in the sky, not moving. And the moon. Other than that, nadda. People up there must get really sick of looking at endless trees. It was also hot. Didn't need the 4 sweatshirts. Would have been really peeved if I had had to lug the warm clothes on a plane trip.
The hotel was sort of 70's decor. Only 1 elevator so I carried everything up to the room. The wheel almost was too much. So I had to use the elevator off hours for that. Otherwise, all stairs all the time. Probably helped me not gain weight. The best part of the week was the Magic Food. Just appeared without my help three times a day.
My 3 day workshop involved learning the difference between woolen and worsted. And applying it to various fibers. Most of which were pretty sturdy but he gave us a break with BFL. Got enough of that to make mittens with. Valuable information for anyone seeking to improve the quality of their usable yarns. 1st picture true colors.

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