Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pseudo-Andean Spinning

This is from a 3 hour Retreat session at SOAR with Abby Franquemont. In my past, there have been people who never shut up. This girl can talk non-stop for 3 hours and spin at the same time. But she had CONTENT. We didn't get to the actual spinning till the last 30 minutes which wasn't enough obviously. But I tried and also worked through the rest of the wool later. She made bottom whorl wheel and dowel spindles and told us that Peruvians can get as much as a pound of wool on one this size. Mine spins well but there was a lot of issue with the half-hitch attachment. The single was supposed to be VERY twisted. My first little bit, finished up there, wasn't nearly as twisted as it should have been but the yarn 2 plied was similar to a shetland in feel but not fuzzy. The second one was stiffer and could eventually lead to a weaving warp which was the goal. Hope in the future to take her 3 day class. This is 100 yards of fingering weight spun and plied on the spindle.

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