Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A friend. The cat. Someone. Joined me up for 2 Fiber Clubs. This is the FatCat Knits. Merino sadly. Hate merino. But I snuck in a strand of Falkland. Just happened to have some in the exact colors although they were longer runs and in some case a little brighter. This is about 500 yards, 8 oz, 3 ply. One more skein to do. The next Club is shipping soon, will arrive while I'm at SOAR. She should have arranged to ship it there as there are a few people on her list I know will be there. But there will probably be enough fiber to keep us busy.

Also finished up a pair of socks from FlawfulFibers sw merino. The flash picture gives the accurate color but the no flash gives better definition. Don't know the answer. Monkees on Addi 1's, 3 ply.
Started packing for SOAR. Can't believe it's almost here. It's been a lot of years since I drove so far alone. Hopefully there will be no problems. Got the brakes done in prep for the trip. Could have bought 2 wheels instead.

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Micki said...

Beautiful! I still don't know if I'll get mine spun up before the next club shipment...haven't even started on it. :)