Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Colors

SOAR purchase of Lambspun 80/20 Merino/Silk. 8oz. Impulse buy. Beautiful presentation, very worried about the silk part. The bad part was the TINSEL STUFF. Don't know if they expected you to use it in the yarn. Tried to get it all off the 1st roll and almost quit. The 2nd roll I cut it every few inches. Those little flags gathered huge silk bumps. Just awful.
The other roving is "Marigold" sw merino from Blackethelcash on etsy. 4 oz. Usual 3 ply yielding 560 yards. It's a heavy worsted weight, sturdy, 3 ply tweed. I had tried a 2 and a 3 ply of just the original and it was a little dull. The 2 ply was insubstantial. There are a few little silk slubs but they aren't noticeable. Did this in 3 days which was really bad for the thumb and wrist.
My local supermarket didn't offer any pansies this year. Is that because of the economy? Will have to drive around today looking for some. They're probably all bolted by now. Mike only goes out for an hour in the evening. He sticks his nose near the door and hisses at the cold wind. Turning the heat on for an hour in the morning to get the guys up and out. If I get cold later there's always housework. Sadly people will have to wrap up in yarn as little knitting has occurred.

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Micki said...

Sigh, beautiful yarn! I love those autumn colors.