Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More stash than work

First, a little more using up stuff I wasn't enthusiastic about. This was 4 oz of a striped roving. It felt overprocessed, dry. The darker blue was full of clumps of short fibers which were icky to encounter. Tried a thick/thin approach, small skein. Didn't like it. Contemplated chucking the ball but then tried a tiny skein of 2 ply fingering. The swatch grew on me. 2" = 13 sts on #2's. So I finished it up. 240 yards that would be ok for gloves.

Yesterday went to Manning's with a friend to check out wheels for her. She's wavering between the Lendrum and a Kromski. I tried out stuff too and really liked the Ladybug and the Kiwi. But resisted since I should be saving for the Journey. Did acquire 3 Koigu's and a skein of Noro sock. Cause my bins are deficient in orange. Is that a good excuse? The picture is a little dark, they are really more canteloupe. We did have a little trouble on the road. Had to stop while a group of chickens crossed from a perfectly good yard with a barn and corn field to a 12" shoulder of grass giving way to a steep ravine slope covered in brush.
Then came lunch. We asked the waiter if there was soup. "No, everyone asks for it but we don't serve it at lunch." Since we were next to the kitchen we heard him say: " There's more people out there wanting soup." Then he came back and said we could have some. 1 minute later he's back with perfectly cooked, serving temperature red based clam chowder with squid and basil. To follow we had Wild Mushroom Pizza with Goat Cheese and Penne with Roasted Vegetable Sauce. All very nice.

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Susan T-O said...

Swatch? What is the swatch of which you speak? Tell me more about this Earth custom called "swatching." :-)

I think lack of orange is a perfectly valid reason to buy more yarn--especially when it's as lovely as that!