Thursday, August 21, 2008

Failing to keep to the plan, I went from the grapey to this, bypassing old stuff. That plan made it 2 weeks. 245 yards 2 ply DK weight BFL from AbstractFiber on etsy. The color is good in these pictures. The yarn has a slightly bumpy feel to it, not overspun. There are 2 more bumps in related colors.
Thought looking at the roving that it would be darker red but came out with more of the chartreuse influence. Blazing maple leaves.
On a personal peeve: About once a year I forget the ordeal involved and get the rotisserie out of the basement. It takes 30 min to truss up the chicken enough so it doesn't fall off. Now it's making a nasty squeaking noise. Wash the gloves, cut more string. Wrestle the slimy thing. It tastes very good but looks like crap with all the ties. Couldn't serve it to company. Ron Popeil has a lot to answer for and if I ever get the energy I'll send him a letter. Just what are those 2 rubber bands supposed to accomplish? Maybe they are for Cornish hens. Will try that next year.


Lauren said...

I got rid of my rotisserie a while ago, too hard to clean!

Your yarns look great, as always. I love this one though!

Susan T-O said...

Oooh, orange! I love orange!! Beautiful!

Sorry about the chicken; at least it tasted good though.