Friday, July 18, 2008

Very lovely roving. Almost relegated to the bottomless pile due to FEAR. 50/50 Merino/Bamboo from CreativelyDyed. The bamboo was not blended, just added in chunks. The jewel colors did not extend to the plant material. The bamboo caught any bits of itself that it came in contact with and immediately twisted into thread that had to be pulled out. Other than that it was very easy to draft, no resistance at all from the chunks. Split the roving into 1/4ths, otherwise some of the single would have been just bamboo. The yarn has a definite barberpole aspect, didn't see any way to avoid that with all the white. How do they get it so blindingly white?
It's not quite dry but the yardage seems to be 280 for 3 3/4 oz. It's poofy and soft. Pictures taken at almost sunrise before I could lose the urge to post. The pastels are pretty close. This is a much nicer fiber than the silk blend of last week and WAY better than Tencel. None of that dry feeling. This would make great baby items.


Lauren said...

That looks like really nice stuff. I've been wanting to try some bamboo or a blend for a while now but just haven't. Yours looks really good!

Susan T-O said...

Very pretty colors! Might make a nice scarf, too.

ChelleC said...

That's really lovely yarn you spun with the colored pastel roving. Yes, it WOULD make lovely baby items. I've just started spinning and you inspire me.