Friday, July 25, 2008

The outdoor model is lovely neighbor Alison. I was unable to get the camera far enough away to take pictures of myself. Don't tell me about the set it and step away or whatever it's called. The outside shots are 0700 and very blue. The inside shots, no flash, are the exact color of the sweater. Fastened on the inside with bag clips cause JoAnn's is quite a trek, maybe next week.

Yoke sweater from Ann Budd sweater pattern book. Yarn is TLC Cotton Plus, 50/50 cotton/acrylic. This started out as the February Lady Sweater but the yarn was too heavy for the garter yoke, stretch occurred ickily. About 5 skeins at 180 yards per. Made the size 44 but it came out a little smaller. Addi 7's and these were very slippery with this yarn. Bands on 6's. Did it top down. Prior experience with this yarn is great washability. The downside is ends that want to be free. I ended up tying square knots and sewing in but they are going to pop out in time. I know it would be against Tradition to put glue on them and it would leave a stiff bump but it's tempting.
Only spun one skein this week: more of the brown batts. The plan is another yoke sweater and I've got about 800 yards now. LOTS more wool. It's too dark to show up as the Tangled Yoke but I may do a little colorwork. The green one was a test run of the pattern which was excellent.

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Cape Cod Kitty said...

Beautiful sweater! Where's Mikey?