Tuesday, July 8, 2008

460 yards. 4 oz. 50/50 merino/silk from Creativelydyed. Color RSW3. Long ago on spindles I tried this blend and had a tough time drafting, lots of big chunks of silk. Ick. Saw this one favorably reviewed on Ravelry. OK. What's to lose? This was very well blended, no chunks or slubs, very easy to draft. I treadled a little faster than usual, fearing drift, but it was a strong fiber. Thought I was making thread but the merino poofed a little in washing and this is similar to Koigu in size but not as tightly plied.

It has the dry feel of silk, absolutely no elasticity and should drape well. Snaggy. Would not be good for socks or gloves: probably destined for scarf. The color is more light green and less pink than the pictures. Another case where the spinning really changed the colors of this very bright roving. I split the roving into 6th and 8ths.


Lauren said...

Very pretty! That would make a great scarf.

Susan T-O said...

Beautiful indeed!