Wednesday, July 30, 2008

235yards of 50/50 Merino/silk from FiberDenn. 3ply. 3 oz. The 2 ply from same base was too soft for wear so I thought maybe the 3ply would be sturdier. If you are one of those knitters who thinks soft is the most important quality of yarn, this is the one for you. You could make underwear from this and actually for a very cold climate, that wouldn't be a bad idea. The silk would add warmth. 8 ounces of the 2 ply would be enough to make a camisole. Normal sized middle aged women living in Baltimore - no.

Does new stash count as fiber activity? 3 merino/bamboo from Creatively Dyed. 2 SW Merino from FatCatKnits.

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Micki said...

Lovely yarn! I have been wanting to 3 ply everything lately. :)