Wednesday, July 30, 2008

235yards of 50/50 Merino/silk from FiberDenn. 3ply. 3 oz. The 2 ply from same base was too soft for wear so I thought maybe the 3ply would be sturdier. If you are one of those knitters who thinks soft is the most important quality of yarn, this is the one for you. You could make underwear from this and actually for a very cold climate, that wouldn't be a bad idea. The silk would add warmth. 8 ounces of the 2 ply would be enough to make a camisole. Normal sized middle aged women living in Baltimore - no.

Does new stash count as fiber activity? 3 merino/bamboo from Creatively Dyed. 2 SW Merino from FatCatKnits.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The outdoor model is lovely neighbor Alison. I was unable to get the camera far enough away to take pictures of myself. Don't tell me about the set it and step away or whatever it's called. The outside shots are 0700 and very blue. The inside shots, no flash, are the exact color of the sweater. Fastened on the inside with bag clips cause JoAnn's is quite a trek, maybe next week.

Yoke sweater from Ann Budd sweater pattern book. Yarn is TLC Cotton Plus, 50/50 cotton/acrylic. This started out as the February Lady Sweater but the yarn was too heavy for the garter yoke, stretch occurred ickily. About 5 skeins at 180 yards per. Made the size 44 but it came out a little smaller. Addi 7's and these were very slippery with this yarn. Bands on 6's. Did it top down. Prior experience with this yarn is great washability. The downside is ends that want to be free. I ended up tying square knots and sewing in but they are going to pop out in time. I know it would be against Tradition to put glue on them and it would leave a stiff bump but it's tempting.
Only spun one skein this week: more of the brown batts. The plan is another yoke sweater and I've got about 800 yards now. LOTS more wool. It's too dark to show up as the Tangled Yoke but I may do a little colorwork. The green one was a test run of the pattern which was excellent.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Very lovely roving. Almost relegated to the bottomless pile due to FEAR. 50/50 Merino/Bamboo from CreativelyDyed. The bamboo was not blended, just added in chunks. The jewel colors did not extend to the plant material. The bamboo caught any bits of itself that it came in contact with and immediately twisted into thread that had to be pulled out. Other than that it was very easy to draft, no resistance at all from the chunks. Split the roving into 1/4ths, otherwise some of the single would have been just bamboo. The yarn has a definite barberpole aspect, didn't see any way to avoid that with all the white. How do they get it so blindingly white?
It's not quite dry but the yardage seems to be 280 for 3 3/4 oz. It's poofy and soft. Pictures taken at almost sunrise before I could lose the urge to post. The pastels are pretty close. This is a much nicer fiber than the silk blend of last week and WAY better than Tencel. None of that dry feeling. This would make great baby items.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Time to Buy a Lotto Ticket

This is the 3rd batch of yarn in a row that measured 460 yards 3 3/8 oz. All very differently spun. Merino/silk 50/50 again. Just for comparison's sake. This one is from FiberDenn on etsy. I bought 3 because the colors were so luminous. The yarn is 2ply, completely different in feel from that of the previous post. This one is bunnysoft and squishy, very light where the other was dense. The yarn isn't shiny, none of the dry silk feel. The pencil roving drafted itself. If you wanted to knit something with unspun roving this would be your best choice. Worth the money. Wouldn't want to burden a new mother with a handwash sweater but that would be the ideal use. The color in the roving picture is true. Another to add to my collection of grapey yarns.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

460 yards. 4 oz. 50/50 merino/silk from Creativelydyed. Color RSW3. Long ago on spindles I tried this blend and had a tough time drafting, lots of big chunks of silk. Ick. Saw this one favorably reviewed on Ravelry. OK. What's to lose? This was very well blended, no chunks or slubs, very easy to draft. I treadled a little faster than usual, fearing drift, but it was a strong fiber. Thought I was making thread but the merino poofed a little in washing and this is similar to Koigu in size but not as tightly plied.

It has the dry feel of silk, absolutely no elasticity and should drape well. Snaggy. Would not be good for socks or gloves: probably destined for scarf. The color is more light green and less pink than the pictures. Another case where the spinning really changed the colors of this very bright roving. I split the roving into 6th and 8ths.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Merino 3ply from Creatively dyed. 8 oz, 460 yards. This fiber was a real drift-aparter so I tried to treadle faster on the singles, plied a little tighter than usual. It made a very springy yarn. The roving was very pink but the small amounts of red took over the yarn. More red/orange in real life. This will be usable with some pink and leftover peach from the same dyer. There is enough combined to make a sweater, just be a few years to decide on a pattern.