Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In the continued absence of fiber here are some garden pictures. I have planted nothing, it all comes back by itself. Vicious thugs, fighting it out for space. I have been spinning but nothing of interest to show. Just trying to finish up old projects. Hollyhocks have the most saturated colors even though they look like tissue paper. Very reliable returners.
Six people have now posted on Ravelry that will be in my class at SOAR. Where are the rest? Can there be 10 people out there who don't spend hours a day surfing Ravelry?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth

No fiber cause it's still too hot. Friday was significant in that the person who lives here passed his driver's test. His father made the appointment, not my fault. He was also conceived on Friday the Thirteenth which in retrospect was not an auspicious choice. On the plus side, I survived another weekend of work without injury. And only ate one candy bar. And did no knitting on Saturday.
Pretty funny to scan Ravelry and see all those little green sweaters. I'm an awful lemming and will probably cast on this week. Always fun to see the next great fad start. Wish I had enough handspun to cover myself (haha) but this might be an opportunity to use up some of the commercial stash. Make the small size, gift it to a niece, get it out of my system. Things to change: the neck is pretty wide and looks like it will stretch, the 3/4 sleeves. I had been thinking - not doing- of going backwards on the Ann Budd yoke pattern, but too lazy to do the math.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yarn Picture Interruptus

Falkland. 620 yards, 3.6 oz. From alittlequacky. Spindled 1 skein and can't tell the difference from the wheelspun. Purely by accident, the fiber wanted to be thin. Had some help taking the final shots. 2 skeins are fairly olive and the other is more minty. Strange to find a roving with olive, turquoise and mint together but it worked for me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Made it home Wednesday night only about 1 1/2 hours later than scheduled. The flight from Seattle to Nashville was roller coaster all the way. Late landing. They were holding the plane for several of us going on to Baltimore. Shouldn't have hurried. We sat for 1 3/4 hours for weather in Maryland. Turned out they had hail and tornadoes. I was just grateful they eventually decided to go. Question? Why was my luggage the last off the plane when it was put on at the last minute?

The yarn is from a stupendous store in Portland called Dublin Bay. I had no room in my bag so didn't buy all I wanted. The blue is Fleece Artist "Suri Blue" 50/50 alpaca/ BFL. 600m, 100g. The other 2 are HandMaiden Angel Hair. 70/30 mohair/nylon. 400m/50g. also obtained a cone of cotton blend at Yarntopia in Portland, some Tiur at Canvasworks in Olympia and 2 Japanese stitch dictionaries at the Japanese bookstore in Seattle. Finished 3 sock cuffs and 1 spindled 220 yard skein of laceweight Falkland. Not used to the spindle anymore, very hard on my hands. The rest will be done on the wheel and hopefully come out similar.

This was the first time I'd been out there when the rhododendrons peaked. Everywhere giant pink puffballs. Not much else in the way of flowers where I was staying but did walk by a few nice gardens in Olympia. A few poppies waited for me at home. They'll be gone with the 100 degree heat we're expecting.