Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sheep & Wool

Had a lovely day Saturday, started out cool but the rain the weather pundits promised never showed up. Big crowds as usual, the parking lot was 1/3 full when we got there at 0835. REALLY LONG lines for the tshirts and STR and they stayed long until my last view at 1pm. Many booths were so crowded I didn't even try to get in but I did get most of my list.
1 lb blue/green rambouillet/mohair don't know who from, no name on receipt. I've spun 2 full bobbins and don't seem to have made a dent in the ball.
6oz blue/pink/purple mohair mix fr. Kid Hollow
8oz mostly blue braid of merino from creativelydyed
6oz brown/green wool/alpaca from Spinner's Hill
2 8oz braids of BFL, green/red from Frabjous Fibers
Lace Triangle book by Evelyn Clark
Ordered a Journey Wheel to be available next March.

I was able to refrain from laceweight mohair. Still have skeins from a few years ago. Didn't buy more sock yarn either. The Ravelry meet-up was extremely crowded but I got a button. Saw Jess from a distance.

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AlisonE said...

You picked some lovely colors. I think the man and his son behind us in the STR line was from Spinners Hill. Can't wait to see the yarn!