Friday, May 9, 2008

Lately not doing well on the spinning. Made a test skein and swatch from the Big Blue Ball and it was fuzzy boring. Might try running it thru the washer to see what happens. That's my fall-back for boring swatches. The likelihood of finishing a pound of this is negative. Then accessed ebay for some lovely alpaca. Very nice stuff from Morro but also a bit boring. Did a little bit of 3 ply and a swatch. Could make a nice warm gray sweater or vest. Could. Haha.

So picked up the SW Merino from PerchancetoKnit on etsy. All neon rainbow with pink instead of red and the yellow so small as to be lost. On my usual setting of the largest whorl, the singles spun but came apart when I tried to get them off the bobbin. So spun on the middle whorl. I was afraid this would cause overspinning of the single but didn't. 1 3/4 oz, 180 yds of 2ply. This could be knit on 0's for socks to match my green clothes with pink whales. May be going to take the foolish path of casting on before spinning the rest.


Micki said...

Love that rainbow yarn! Live dangerously, and start knitting it now. :)

Susan T-O said...

Gotta agree with micki, that rainbow yarn is beautiful! Nicely done.