Friday, May 16, 2008

Good business practices

Special no needlework post. As mentioned to my 4 readers, we've been having bad cable. I've called Comcast several times. Had a tech to the house and one who did a drive by. Everyone has been very polite. The problem isn't fixed but I feel like they're trying so I'm ok with that. I get access now and then for the email. And REALLY DO SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON RAVELRY. So I've gotten more spinning and knitting done this week. Yesterday Mark C. from "Comcast Cares" left a comment on the blog. They must have a program that alerts them to mentions of the company in the "media". But to respond to a little blog like mine is different for a big company. I know they've been having legal troubles due to poor responsiveness but most companies don't try to fix it. They have promised me a rebate for the bad days too. I might never complain about them again.


Jenny said...

Your spinning is gorgeous, and your swallowtail is so beautiful. Were you at NHSW? Or a different S&W fest? I'm not sure what other parts of the country have S&W fests like the Northeast- I only ever hear about the ones close to me, but again, I'm not sure where you are, you could be my neighbor. :)

I really hope your Comcast issues have been worked out, by the way. ;)

Jenny said...

Oh, duh. Just noticed you're in Maryland and that post was written weeks ago. :)

Jenny said...

That is crazy! 11 people full time for one month... I also apparently had Viking ancestors, but I don't know anything really more than that. It's cool that you know that, and what a weird coincidence that making sails is the random thing I brought up.