Friday, May 23, 2008

Another try at 3 rovings, 3ply. More successful. 2 Falkland and 1 BFL. The color is slightly more plummy in real life. The yarn is an exact match for Concord grapes, the inside, outside and the light blue bloom on the skin. No real reason, spun the singles on the middle whorl. They aren't overspun but tighter than my usual. This resulted in a sturdier, less pillable yarn but also drastically affected the yardage. This is about 400 yds, 12oz fiber; for the same weight spun to the same DK, my usual yield is 550 - 600yds. This would make good mittens or socks. The picture with the rose is dark but awesome bigger. All the rain we've had, record for the month, has made the plants happy.


Lauren said...

So so pretty! That is really a great color :)

Molly said...

This is very inspiring!
I look so forward to the spinning (and dying)adventure ahead. The problem is, will I have time to knit anymore?
Thanks for visiting me and letting me know you're here.

Lana said...

Oh, yum. If you are unsatisfied with that tasty grapey yarn in any way, feel free to send it to me.