Monday, May 26, 2008

Wool Peddler

Everyone 's seen one so just a couple blocking pictures since it's still damp. Since I am right down to the wire as usual; needing to pack it in the morning. Berroco Ultra Alpaca, all but a few yards of 4 skeins, size 8 bamboo circs. Started 5/11. Fin today. 72" x 38". Parts of it were hanging over the edge of the bed. It was very boring but quick. The recipient wanted blue. She is not someone who would care for the uneven texture of handspun or color variegation.
I'll be out of town and without Net until next Thursday. Ravelry withdrawal.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another try at 3 rovings, 3ply. More successful. 2 Falkland and 1 BFL. The color is slightly more plummy in real life. The yarn is an exact match for Concord grapes, the inside, outside and the light blue bloom on the skin. No real reason, spun the singles on the middle whorl. They aren't overspun but tighter than my usual. This resulted in a sturdier, less pillable yarn but also drastically affected the yardage. This is about 400 yds, 12oz fiber; for the same weight spun to the same DK, my usual yield is 550 - 600yds. This would make good mittens or socks. The picture with the rose is dark but awesome bigger. All the rain we've had, record for the month, has made the plants happy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Good business practices

Special no needlework post. As mentioned to my 4 readers, we've been having bad cable. I've called Comcast several times. Had a tech to the house and one who did a drive by. Everyone has been very polite. The problem isn't fixed but I feel like they're trying so I'm ok with that. I get access now and then for the email. And REALLY DO SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON RAVELRY. So I've gotten more spinning and knitting done this week. Yesterday Mark C. from "Comcast Cares" left a comment on the blog. They must have a program that alerts them to mentions of the company in the "media". But to respond to a little blog like mine is different for a big company. I know they've been having legal troubles due to poor responsiveness but most companies don't try to fix it. They have promised me a rebate for the bad days too. I might never complain about them again.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Started 4/10, finished KNITTING 4/28. Blocking? yesterday. About 600 yards 2 ply Falkland from FatCatKnits, #5 Bryspun needle. Added 1 set of repeats to the budding lace but it is still only 60" x 32" fully stretched. A perfect size for those of us at the head of the line when short was being passed out. Not fond of the nupps, they barely show up on the variegated yarn and really consimed yardage. The yarn story is a few posts back (sorry no idea how to link it). Pictures taken on the ever helpful overgrown boxwood in the front yard. It used to be a Pomeranian topiary but alas neglect has taken a toll.
We have been without reliable internet since the big rains so hoping to get this in before it vanishes again. Stayed home for Comcast yesterday, no show but a couple very polite calls. Waiting again today.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lately not doing well on the spinning. Made a test skein and swatch from the Big Blue Ball and it was fuzzy boring. Might try running it thru the washer to see what happens. That's my fall-back for boring swatches. The likelihood of finishing a pound of this is negative. Then accessed ebay for some lovely alpaca. Very nice stuff from Morro but also a bit boring. Did a little bit of 3 ply and a swatch. Could make a nice warm gray sweater or vest. Could. Haha.

So picked up the SW Merino from PerchancetoKnit on etsy. All neon rainbow with pink instead of red and the yellow so small as to be lost. On my usual setting of the largest whorl, the singles spun but came apart when I tried to get them off the bobbin. So spun on the middle whorl. I was afraid this would cause overspinning of the single but didn't. 1 3/4 oz, 180 yds of 2ply. This could be knit on 0's for socks to match my green clothes with pink whales. May be going to take the foolish path of casting on before spinning the rest.

There might have been a little package from last weekend that fell out of a fiber bag. As usual when I'm trying to take pictures, it's dark and rainy. But these buttons are on the somber side, glowing, a little irridescent but darker. The round one is a toggle should I ever need one. Every show I hand these people 50$. There are some from the last Stitches in there too. Always need more and no I'm not using them. Then they'd be gone.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last week I felt a little guilty about the upcoming shopping and pulled this out to finish it. The real color is less blue-tinged. Spun the first 2oz pre-blog, no picture of the roving. Royale by pigeonroof. 240yds 3ply. SW merino. The brownish is from an orange batt that I overspun a little but it matches the Royale and will combine well in future socks or mittens. I did very little for about 10 days as my family infected me with a nasty respiratory item. Luckily down to an occasional cough for the S&W, supported by Claritin and Contac. We're also having the worst pollen season in 10 years, so the paper says.

Sheep & Wool

Had a lovely day Saturday, started out cool but the rain the weather pundits promised never showed up. Big crowds as usual, the parking lot was 1/3 full when we got there at 0835. REALLY LONG lines for the tshirts and STR and they stayed long until my last view at 1pm. Many booths were so crowded I didn't even try to get in but I did get most of my list.
1 lb blue/green rambouillet/mohair don't know who from, no name on receipt. I've spun 2 full bobbins and don't seem to have made a dent in the ball.
6oz blue/pink/purple mohair mix fr. Kid Hollow
8oz mostly blue braid of merino from creativelydyed
6oz brown/green wool/alpaca from Spinner's Hill
2 8oz braids of BFL, green/red from Frabjous Fibers
Lace Triangle book by Evelyn Clark
Ordered a Journey Wheel to be available next March.

I was able to refrain from laceweight mohair. Still have skeins from a few years ago. Didn't buy more sock yarn either. The Ravelry meet-up was extremely crowded but I got a button. Saw Jess from a distance.