Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thought ok, let's make a shawl. Easy pattern, loved the yarn. Lots of people had made it with no problem. So last night I got to the border and wrong stitch count. What a surprise. That's what happens when you knit while reading Ravelry by lamplight. Put it away and spent a while counting this morning. Couldn't find the whatever. This was the point in my pre-blog life where the item retreats to a totebag to be looked at "later". Chocolate for breakfast, resume search. Finally found a spot where 5 extra stitches had attached themselves. Another opportunity to retreat to a totebag. Tea and cookies. The shawl was still more appealing than cleaning a bathroom so ripped out 6 rows and loaded it back on. The pressure of the blog saves another project from the endless dark.

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