Friday, April 4, 2008

Boucle not on purpose

280 yards 3 ply. For some unknown reason I pulled 3 fibers from the stash this week. Cotswold of long staple, no elasticity and soft enough. Mohair also soft. Merino. The 3 bobbins appeared to have twice as much Cotswold and Mohair. When wound into the plying ball however the amounts were close. The Cotswold did all sorts of bad things when plied and the finished product is boucle'd in places. (Is that a word?). Had about 200 yards of spindled 2 ply from the first 2 fibers and this 3 ply is similar in size. Suspect if I search more of the mohair will turn up, plenty of the other 2 should the urge strike to make more. The Cotswold and mohair had VM and little neps. Altogether a textured yarn. Pictures of the actual yarn will follow if the sun comes out again.

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