Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another dark roving picture. This is the second of the trio that didn't want to be together forever. Falkland from FCK, 375 yards of 2ply. Extremely lofty and soft. The colors were very similar to the last one so I thought 2 ply would separate them a little more and so it was.

Sun came out so I rushed out. Then distracted by weeds, put out a little mulch, got my hands all icky. There is a lot to do out there and I am trying to avoid it. Can certainly understand those extreme gardens that have been paved and filled with un-plants. Let Lucy (the more active, slender cat) in the basement and now it sounds like a gang of thieves. She has certainly sighted a mouse and is banging around on top of the ducts. Yelling like she is in pain but it is just "Mommy, I saw him!".
The shawl progresses slowly, each row taking me at least an hour (seems), only about 20 left.


Alison said...

I have just typed a comment and then found out I had to fill out this information. so I am unsure whether you received the first one.

Ureka, I have finally found the spinnifer blog spot, and several hundred others, well into the one thousand range. Unbelievable! Your blogspot looks wonderful, I love the work you have accomplished. Loved those socked feet in the August 2007 listing.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

So happy you are feeling better and got to S & W. I was with you in spirit. Glad you bought from Frog Hollow. Such beautiful yarns...I just thought you might order a Journey Wheel.