Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another dark roving picture. This is the second of the trio that didn't want to be together forever. Falkland from FCK, 375 yards of 2ply. Extremely lofty and soft. The colors were very similar to the last one so I thought 2 ply would separate them a little more and so it was.

Sun came out so I rushed out. Then distracted by weeds, put out a little mulch, got my hands all icky. There is a lot to do out there and I am trying to avoid it. Can certainly understand those extreme gardens that have been paved and filled with un-plants. Let Lucy (the more active, slender cat) in the basement and now it sounds like a gang of thieves. She has certainly sighted a mouse and is banging around on top of the ducts. Yelling like she is in pain but it is just "Mommy, I saw him!".
The shawl progresses slowly, each row taking me at least an hour (seems), only about 20 left.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thought ok, let's make a shawl. Easy pattern, loved the yarn. Lots of people had made it with no problem. So last night I got to the border and wrong stitch count. What a surprise. That's what happens when you knit while reading Ravelry by lamplight. Put it away and spent a while counting this morning. Couldn't find the whatever. This was the point in my pre-blog life where the item retreats to a totebag to be looked at "later". Chocolate for breakfast, resume search. Finally found a spot where 5 extra stitches had attached themselves. Another opportunity to retreat to a totebag. Tea and cookies. The shawl was still more appealing than cleaning a bathroom so ripped out 6 rows and loaded it back on. The pressure of the blog saves another project from the endless dark.

Been a rough week for the fiber. First spent many hours trying to swatch the blue yarn recently spun. Too fuzzy to show any pattern, might as well resign itself to being garter or stockinette. Then had these rovings, all pretty alone. Why not combine them?

The resulting yarn was problematic, the swatch resembled pulsating intestines. Too awful to post and a picture could never do it justice. So just spun one by itself, usual 3 ply. Still a somewhat intestinal mauve. The purple and pink were too close in tone (value?) and did a mind meld. But will make ok socks. The sun finally came out but not in time for a roving shot, little dark, sorry.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Should there not be one sunny day a week (on a day off work) to take project pictures? The colors on this are actually pretty close if made bigger. Socks that an elf would wear to blend in with the forest. SW merino from FatCatKnits, 3ply, 4 oz. Got scared on the first sock that the yarn would run out cause the ball was getting small fast. But Mr Scale said there was enough and it was true. Glad not to have had to make a discordantly colored toe. More pictures on Flickr.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Here is the 2ply, the 2 + 3, and the 3ply by itself

Friday, April 4, 2008

Boucle not on purpose

280 yards 3 ply. For some unknown reason I pulled 3 fibers from the stash this week. Cotswold of long staple, no elasticity and soft enough. Mohair also soft. Merino. The 3 bobbins appeared to have twice as much Cotswold and Mohair. When wound into the plying ball however the amounts were close. The Cotswold did all sorts of bad things when plied and the finished product is boucle'd in places. (Is that a word?). Had about 200 yards of spindled 2 ply from the first 2 fibers and this 3 ply is similar in size. Suspect if I search more of the mohair will turn up, plenty of the other 2 should the urge strike to make more. The Cotswold and mohair had VM and little neps. Altogether a textured yarn. Pictures of the actual yarn will follow if the sun comes out again.