Sunday, March 23, 2008

NHM #7

Had this book from last fall, agonized over colors for months. Finally just grabbed these 2. The oatmeal is VERY (25 yrs?) old shetland, no label survives. Garnet from Harrisville. Size 0 Knitpicks dpn's. Gauge (washed) 9st = 1", 11 rows = 1". Significant difference in the rows from the pattern so I added 3 rows to the cuff and did the gusset increases every third row. The first one came out a tad short so I added 3 rows to the palm on the second. Used the cuff from Annemor #11 and the thumb from NHM #3. Did K1P1 ribbing on the second. Guilty of taking too many pictures of these.

If the row gauge had been as in the pattern, these would have fit a small women's hand in circumference and been WAY too long. My strategy for this book is going to be make one, see who it fits and then adapt the patterns. I have me and now have a couple others to work on. It does seem from looking at the antiques that with use they shorten. I have knitted with this on 3's but the fabric was not what I would use for mittens which should be tight.

Love the fabric of shetland on 0's after severe washing in hot water with Dawn and then lavender body wash. . Didn't much like working with it as it sucked moisture from my already dry hands. Scratchy. And the stuff sticks to itself something awful. Imagine I would be quite irritated if making a whole sweater and indeed a half finished project is sitting in the bins. May try some socks next although they would be too warm for Baltimore.

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