Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Review of Fiber Sampler Pack from Susan's Spinning Bunny. I had been looking at these for quite a while and used the occasion of Christmas to buy 2. This one in Blueberry for me and one in Clematis for my friend. Didn't take the fiber out of the plastic for photos cause it would have gotten totally confused. The colors are darker in real life for the Targhee and the Merino/mohair. Each one ounce pack yielded about 60 - 80 yards.
Targhee: 3ply. Maybe due to the dyer, fiber, choice of the piece of roving: this one was dark to the point of muddy. Perfect for the conservative male. Mine like navy, brown, gray and black. This is perfect for them. The fiber was fine, would make good socks, sweater, general sturdy stuff. I would not get it in this colorway, try a lighter one.
Merino/mohair: 3ply. Enjoyable to spin, lovely yarn, my favorite of the group for general use. #2 on maintaining the colors.
Alpaca/merino/silk: 2ply. Spun up fine, The content would indicate sturdiness for sock use but it seems very soft and would make good shawls and scarves. Awesome babywear if you wanted to handwash. Probably work for stranded colorwork in mittens. Muted in this colorway.
Merino/angora/silk: 2ply. Spun up a little uneven due to unblended silk. Not my forte. Again the content indicates good wear but the yarn is VERY soft. It looks like a piller. Hat, maybe scarf for a careful user. Maintained the colors fairly well.
Merino/tencel: 3ply. Vibrant colors in this one, spun easily. Nice strong yarn. Would make very nice sweaters.
The 2 picture: R is merino/mohair. L is alpaca blend.
The 3 picture: top is merino/tencel. R is Targhee, L is merino/angora/silk

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