Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The most recent is usually the favorite. REALLY true in this case. 8oz wool roving from . I separated it into thirds and spun each . No rearranging of colors. This happened naturally. 3 ply, 550 yards worsted weight. The ones on the blue background are close for color on my monitor, included the other because they looked neater.

First done was the bluish, watery then the multi with purple and gold. Hmm, very strange. Then the pale grass. No idea what to do with them, but hope to figure it out as they are too beautiful to stay in the bins. Thinking a vest, probably only enough for a front.
This roving was sold as merino but it isnot as soft as the usual. That's good because these have a little toughness that will make a better lasting item. Some day. I love it when weird things happen in the spinning.

Came back to add the individual skein pictures and deleted by accident another. Oh well. Finally got conditions for decent color: overcast with gale force wind.

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