Wednesday, December 17, 2008

13 oz, 925yards, Corriedale. Autumn from Crown Mountain from my Teyani stash and Ripe Fruit from Pigeonroof. 3ply. 2 days after finishing another (old) CMF orangey bump surfaced. Maybe it is time to start organizing the fiber by color at least. Could have combined all these and the Oct 30 stuff and gotten significant yardage. But it's probably for the best as I would have lost interest long before finishing 2 pounds.
Cannot really think of this as stash reduction since it's only switching categories. The yarn nags at me more than the fiber. "Knit me."

A terrifically bland brown hat. Started a couple years ago and finally finished to liberate the needle. Spindled 2ply bulky from many moons ago probably Ashland Bay. Ran it through the washer and dryer, quite soft, didn't felt and should fit the resident skateboarder perfectly.
Speaking of which: I'm reading the Twilight books. Halfway through the 3rd one. Find Bella extremely annoying. I know it is the motivator of the story that she acts carelessly. But she is portrayed as being smart and she certainly thinks well of herself. Having an 18 yr old in the house who thinks long after acting, if at all, I can relate to this. Maybe it's so annoying because it's so close. Edward is very one dimensional. Jacob is my favorite - also a dumb teenager but at least he's honest about it.
13 oz, 650 yards, 3 ply. 2 braids of BFL from Yummy Yarns and 1 braid of Merino from FlawfulFibers. The roving picture is a little better than the yarn. More grapey. From about 3 weeks ago.

Continuing a trend of combining the 4oz etsy pieces. Unfortunately there are now 3 big bags of grapey yarn that aren't big enough to make a sweater but are just different enough... that if you tried to combine them to make a sweater it would give people headaches.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Annemor #5

This pair came out of the same 4 oz of 3 ply as the mittens in the previous post. About 25 yards left over. From the Selbuvotter book. As usual, I added a few rows to the length, got rid of the pointy tip and added 4 st to the 2nd mitten. Contrast yarn was old baby yarn doubled, I think Scholler. It was 75% wool, 25% nylon with little color slubs. Addi 1's, fits a woman's small hand. Washed these became very soft and squishy. The story in the book says these ravens are named Memory and Thought.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lest you think there has been no work since last post. Finally finished big socks, for Moose. Regia, Addi 1's.

Smaller socks for Dad. Webs Valley sock yarn, Addi 0's.

Outside picture of roving, yarn and mittens. Picture under pseudo-Ott light. None of these truly captures the virulent yellow-green. 3ply, Addi 1's. Merino from Allspunup. This made a perfect mitten fabric, sturdy but not stiff. 13 st = 2". A 4oz bump, about 250 yards.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is the roving on the right in the previous post. Milk protein/silk/wool 20/40/40. 4 oz, 314 yards, 2ply. I separated the top into 3 chunks to keep the colors. The 3 skeins are different. The yarn is similar to the bamboo blend by this dyer but was easier to spin. The bamboo shed white fibers all over the area, this one didn't. It's a little sturdier too because of the silk. Please enlarge the pictures.

The colors on my monitor are pretty good despite being indoors. We're having a very dark day today, cold and damp.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stitches 2008

Door to door, 10 minutes, courtesy of the Moose. Had to go. Next year they are moving away. Great day, overcast, 72. It wasn't even too hot in the Market. Big line to get in but it moved fast. First stop CreativelyDyed. Finally met Dianne, such a sweet person. And her husband who seems very supportive. Mine gave me a ride but he wouldn't have hung around. Anyhow: Wool/seacell and Milk Protein/silk/wool. 2 new fibers for me.

After that came the aimless wandering. Jojoland SW Melody that I could've gotten cheaper later on. The orange is sw wool/bamboo sock yarn from the Sanguine Gryphon. Unpictured is a skein of the beige color Noro Sock, my ostensible goal for the trip. That was the only large line, at WEBS, but they had 2 checkers and it moved. They also had Kauni which I resisted since it felt like string, even the samples which one would hope had been washed. Also resisted sweater quantities at Ellen's Half-Pint and Brooks. Cause I'm never going to use it but they were gorgeous.

Green is SW merino, yellow Bombyx/merino. From Lisa Souza. her husband was also there being charming to old ladies.

More harvest colors, BFL, from River's Edge Weaving Studio in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Going to try for a 3 ply. Did a sample skein once and didn't like it but things may have changed. The most awesome part of this is posting before losing the ID tags. Despite the pain in my knee. Which cannot be allowed to interfere with shopping.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On Sunday, went to knitting group at LYS, Cloverhill. They had a wonderful display of rovings from FatCatKnits. Someone might have bought 4. Wasn't going to spin till Monday (weekend rest for the hands) but somehow had done 3 oz by bedtime. Finished up on Monday and it took 3 days to dry. When it was plied I thought it looked just like turquoise with matrix. Then found the tag and it's name was "Taos". Although the roving was dissimilar, this yarn is very similar to that of my Swallowtail.

Falkland, 4 oz, 2ply, 280 yards. Shown hanging on our only leaf changer, a deciduous azalea. There was more of this color but since I already have a shawl, will probably not get it. This might be socks. Very lofty so it would knit down to gauge ok. The colors are good for a change.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Colors

SOAR purchase of Lambspun 80/20 Merino/Silk. 8oz. Impulse buy. Beautiful presentation, very worried about the silk part. The bad part was the TINSEL STUFF. Don't know if they expected you to use it in the yarn. Tried to get it all off the 1st roll and almost quit. The 2nd roll I cut it every few inches. Those little flags gathered huge silk bumps. Just awful.
The other roving is "Marigold" sw merino from Blackethelcash on etsy. 4 oz. Usual 3 ply yielding 560 yards. It's a heavy worsted weight, sturdy, 3 ply tweed. I had tried a 2 and a 3 ply of just the original and it was a little dull. The 2 ply was insubstantial. There are a few little silk slubs but they aren't noticeable. Did this in 3 days which was really bad for the thumb and wrist.
My local supermarket didn't offer any pansies this year. Is that because of the economy? Will have to drive around today looking for some. They're probably all bolted by now. Mike only goes out for an hour in the evening. He sticks his nose near the door and hisses at the cold wind. Turning the heat on for an hour in the morning to get the guys up and out. If I get cold later there's always housework. Sadly people will have to wrap up in yarn as little knitting has occurred.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Polwarth in colorway "English Garden" from Rovings, a Canadian company. There was quite a contingent at the door to the Market whose goal was this booth. I lemminged right along. It was at the very rear of the room and instantly held more than capacity. Pretty much just grabbed. So I got 2 bags of top and passed up a huge bag of carded. Good thing cause it turned out to be over 2 pounds and NEVER. Anyhow, we're in the line a long time looking at these $65 bags of roving and wondering if they're not a bit pricey. 500 grams. No one knew. Then a guy came along. He'll know. So he pulled out his calculator and told us 13+ oz. OK. Still pricey but it's vacation. So I get it home, tear it in half and start for my 3 ply. Taking way longer than usual. So then I remember the 13oz. Still seemed long. Moose came home and was able to figure it at 18. Whoa. So I killed my shoulder doing all the singles last week cause if it had been put away......

During my class Jim, who sat next to me, was able to unstick my flyer. So for this I used the bulky flyer to ply. 800 yards of heavy worsted weight. Spinning larger yarn was addressed in one of my classes so I tried. It was a nice fiber to work with, sort of between Corrie and Falkland, the yarn is soft enough for skin but should wear well. Doesn't look pilly. When washed it gave off an odor of permanent wave solution! cured by lavendar and hanging in the sun for 8 hours. The colors are those of hollyhocks, light pink,pink and that dark maroon. Or every color of the brick walls in English gardens. The roving really glowed and I knew there were a lot of colors in it but I did it anyways. The yarn is pretty busy and is going to be really hard to make anything but kid sweaters out of. Or mittens, hat, etc. The other bag is a blue/green mix which won't look so scattered. Next time I feel like doing 18 oz in a week!

Pseudo-Andean Spinning

This is from a 3 hour Retreat session at SOAR with Abby Franquemont. In my past, there have been people who never shut up. This girl can talk non-stop for 3 hours and spin at the same time. But she had CONTENT. We didn't get to the actual spinning till the last 30 minutes which wasn't enough obviously. But I tried and also worked through the rest of the wool later. She made bottom whorl wheel and dowel spindles and told us that Peruvians can get as much as a pound of wool on one this size. Mine spins well but there was a lot of issue with the half-hitch attachment. The single was supposed to be VERY twisted. My first little bit, finished up there, wasn't nearly as twisted as it should have been but the yarn 2 plied was similar to a shetland in feel but not fuzzy. The second one was stiffer and could eventually lead to a weaving warp which was the goal. Hope in the future to take her 3 day class. This is 100 yards of fingering weight spun and plied on the spindle.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The trip to SOAR was uneventful 3 1/2 hours. Very little traffic, few trucks. This is the view from my room; I did replace the screen. The only visible manmade structure was a beige rectangle with a big beige tower off to the left. Very lit up at night. Either a nuclear power plant or a Kmart. The last night there were 3 multicolored lit objects in the sky, not moving. And the moon. Other than that, nadda. People up there must get really sick of looking at endless trees. It was also hot. Didn't need the 4 sweatshirts. Would have been really peeved if I had had to lug the warm clothes on a plane trip.
The hotel was sort of 70's decor. Only 1 elevator so I carried everything up to the room. The wheel almost was too much. So I had to use the elevator off hours for that. Otherwise, all stairs all the time. Probably helped me not gain weight. The best part of the week was the Magic Food. Just appeared without my help three times a day.
My 3 day workshop involved learning the difference between woolen and worsted. And applying it to various fibers. Most of which were pretty sturdy but he gave us a break with BFL. Got enough of that to make mittens with. Valuable information for anyone seeking to improve the quality of their usable yarns. 1st picture true colors.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ready to Go

Poor Amy. She loves this suitcase but would be sad when actual travel was underway. This is my new packing find. Kitty Litter buckets. Indestructible, stackable, handles. Poor wheel looks like it had a few drinks already. Because the flyer won't come off it won't sit up straight but it feels secure. It is foggy here for the first time in months. Muggy. Hopefully no wet roads further north. Off to SOAR.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A friend. The cat. Someone. Joined me up for 2 Fiber Clubs. This is the FatCat Knits. Merino sadly. Hate merino. But I snuck in a strand of Falkland. Just happened to have some in the exact colors although they were longer runs and in some case a little brighter. This is about 500 yards, 8 oz, 3 ply. One more skein to do. The next Club is shipping soon, will arrive while I'm at SOAR. She should have arranged to ship it there as there are a few people on her list I know will be there. But there will probably be enough fiber to keep us busy.

Also finished up a pair of socks from FlawfulFibers sw merino. The flash picture gives the accurate color but the no flash gives better definition. Don't know the answer. Monkees on Addi 1's, 3 ply.
Started packing for SOAR. Can't believe it's almost here. It's been a lot of years since I drove so far alone. Hopefully there will be no problems. Got the brakes done in prep for the trip. Could have bought 2 wheels instead.