Sunday, December 16, 2007

Best yarn to date. From "Handful of Dust" by FCK. Can't find a pic of the roving but it's in her etsy archive. Brown and red. 3ply merino, used almost all of 3.5 oz. Near fingering weight, used Pony Pearl #1's, 72 stitches, 8 st = 1". The insert pattern is on page 77 of Bauerliches Stricken 2. I wanted something that would split in the middle to carry a little down the foot. The twisted stitches wrecked the points of the needles even though the fabric wasn't super tight. Friends hated the roving, didn't like the yarn. I made it for practice on 3ply sock thinking oh well, practice. EVERYONE whined about receiving the socks. NONONO. MINE. They also happen to be the most comfortable socks in the drawer.
Possibly there are other people in the world worth the production of 3ply fingering but I haven't met them yet.

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