Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where did 10 days go? Zapped by the Busy Fairy again. Work, laundry, ever-expanding errands. We had a Grand Opening of Super Walmart last week and I was sucked in yesterday. First thing at the door is a deli area and 4 employees having a very loud altercation over serving one of them the wrong combination of fried chicken pieces. No one in the area interested in actual customers. No manager in sight to rein them in. The rest of the store was clean and stocked but very few staff in sight. The prices were mostly better than the local supermarket but I'd rather spend an extra $5 for less walking, less traffic and nicer staff. But I had to go look.

Just spent 1 1/2 hours taking pictures and trying to get them to an uploadable location. But now I know 2 ways to move from Photoshop. Had to do a few calming rows on the sock prior to starting this. I hate to feel pressured to blog which is why I'm not looking for readers. Not much spinning, plied up another 4 oz of the olive/turquoise and started on some blue for a change. 3", a heel and a toe left on a sock. Luckily Mikey is willing to do photo duty.

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